How to Win the Love of Your Barista, Part 4

My favorite coffeeshop is open from too early until quite late, and in order to cover all the shifts, eight different girls work there. Those eight comprise about twelve total girls worth of cuteness. (The hiring manager clearly knows what he--I'm gonna assert that it's a he--likes.)

It's November now, a time of tights and long-sleeved shirts, and so it's not clear just how many of them are actually baristas and how many are merely working as baristas. Cuteness alone is no indication.

The cute girl working as a barista is more likely to be receptive to your advances, and so there is temptation. Some might ask: Is it not enough to go on a date with a cute girl who works as a barista? No, it is not. What has that accomplished? There are many cute girls in the world who are not baristas. We have higher goals in mind.

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