The Much Awaited Season 3 Premiere!

Happy equinox. A lot's happening on Free Refills today.

We're changing the way we approach daily publishing. The Monday-through-Friday pieces that you love and rely on are now officially known as Daily Refills. (This piece right here is the inaugural Daily Refill.) You can find your Daily Refill at For the foreseeable future, the Daily Refill will be published on the homepage as well, but we've got big plans for changes to the homepage this season, so if you find yourself looking for just the daily pieces, the above URL is the place to look.

New rules go into effect today. You can find the rules here. Within the rules you'll find a more complete explanation of what to expect from your Daily Refill.

And perhaps most exciting, Jerry and I are launching a new project called Training Tiger Woods. Click on that link for the whole scoop.

Free Refills: Soon We Will Rule the World.™

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