A Different Sort of Victory

I tend to have a problem wherein I hold on to things forever and ever. What if I need them? That's the impulse that arises in my brain.

Thus the hard drive on my DVR fills up.

A few days ago I was scrolling through the recordings and found the last Super Bowl. Maybe I'll want to watch it again.

As is proper for Super Bowl Sunday, I was not 100% entirely sober when I watched the game. Thus while I was definitely entertained I find upon reflection that I remember exactly one play from the entire game, and if you watched you already know which one that was.

I started fast-forwarding through the game to see what memories it would jar. No score at the end of the first quarter. 7-7 just before the two-minute warning. A Patriots touchdown with 31 seconds left in the first half. An answer by the Seahawks 29 seconds later. "Goodness," I said. "This was an entertaining game. Should I actually watch it?"

I thought about it. Did I really want to see the Seahawks, the team with the human monster truck at running back, elect to pass on 2nd and goal from the one with 26 seconds left on the clock and still one timeout? Did I really want to see stupid, cheating Tom Brady and the stupid, cheating Patriots win for a second time?

I did not.

However, I remembered that there was one part that I definitely needed to watch a second time:
Katy Perry and the Lion

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