Suffused in Blue

Something happened yesterday, a conflict with a person, and I struggled to release the energy of it. Was it I or she that caused that unrelease? Probably both, of course. I tried severing the energy ties, but it wasn't that simple. Those ties weren't there the way they used to be (a good thing), but neither were they entirely absent.

It wasn't obvious what to do. Ultimately, I found that if I held the space immediately around me, and envisioned suffusing that space with blue (which is for me the color of love), the sharp edge of what happened would dissipate. It was just me in a blue light.

I wondered, over the last week, in details inarticulable until yesterday, if she was setting up exactly this moment. She doesn't know how to let go, so she got me to do it for her. She's an odd one.

I wish her a life suffused in blue.

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