Surrender (Happy Joyful Piece for a Friday Afternoon)

I look at the world and wonder when we are going to decide to move beyond this cycle of destruction and begin to create again.

We will, I'm sure of it. Creation is our heart's blood.

And yet, this tiresome worship of destruction. Death cults sweep across the Middle East. Our rapacious hunger for resources consumes the planet like a cancer destroys its host. Even simple solutions appear to be beyond us: here at home, we're witnessing the inexorable and increasingly exponential meltdown of not just our government but our whole governmental system.

And we worship false gods. The gatepeople to our culture sell us stories of how we reward creativity. It's a golden age of innovation, they say. But what gets rewarded? Facebook paid $19 billion for WhatsApp. Meanwhile we have the most disparate concentration of wealth the world has ever seen.

My friend Anastacia has the ability to be an open channel for love-energy. But she's no star-eyed dreamer. She and I share a similar geopolitical awareness, and when we look outward at the world we both experience a deep fear as we're forced to ask, How bad will it get?

But Anastacia and I share, too, an optimism, born not of what we see (so much darkness out there right now) but of what each of us is increasingly able to feel: that the first seeds of a great awakening have been planted, are beginning to sprout. She texted me the other day of a download of energy that swept through her. "Whatever we want--LET IT BE SO--like it's up to us to surrender into receiving what the universe is conspiring to provide for us. WOW!"

And does this match my own lived experience? I can only say this: the only thing that I can do these days to stop myself from writing is to fight or try to control what comes to me and asks to be written. Should I surrender? I ask myself: the flow that I am trying to tap into: which is bigger, it or me?

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