Hello, Worms

When I began this discussion of the missing shirts, I didn't realize that the exploration would take two whole weeks. But once I started in on the topic, it became clear that, really, I'd been avoiding the full implications of the shirts' (and other items') disappearances. It's far easier to just believe that they're missing, that somehow I just lost them, even though that flies in the face of everything I know about my own behavior, all the ways that I am careful not to lose things, which honestly gets borderline obsessive.

I don't know why I'm surprised. If you open a big can of worms, it's kind of silly to exclaim, "Goodness! Look at all the worms!"

When I started, I guess I thought I was just writing about some missing shirts. Now I see that, really, I'm discussing mysteries of great metaphysical importance.

In the meantime, I can't find my riding tights. I brought them to Alaska to wear as an underlayer, and I remember unpacking them when I got home.

Hello, worms.

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